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Major Home Remodel ? Things To Consider

July 23, 2007
If you are planning a major home remodel, there are several things you need to consider before starting the project. You need to ask yourself if the money you spend is a wise investment. Should you ever want to sell your house; will the neighborhood support the price you would need after the remodel? In many cases it might be better to find a bigger house that better suits your needs instead of spending a lot of money on the one you currently own.

Before you start your major home remodel you need to spend a lot of time studying how you plan to use the new space. There needs to be careful and thoughtful planning about furniture placement, electrical outlets, and lighting. Depending on how big your plans are, you may need to think about upgrading your entire electrical system, and this could be costly. Also, if you are going to be adding features such as whirlpool tubs or additional baths, you might need to upgrade to a bigger hot water tank to supply you with your needs.

Another consideration to keep in mind before a major home remodel is the length of time needed for the remodel and will you need to move out of the house for a while. If you are planning to completely renovate the kitchen and/or baths, you may need to stay somewhere else for a while. If you have small children this could become a problem.

Getting The Most For Your Money

It is fairly common knowledge that a major home remodel that includes the kitchen and bathrooms will be what adds the most value to the home. These two areas are also the most expensive areas to renovate. Upgrading your kitchen could easily cost you up to $75,000 if you go first class all the way. Kitchen cabinets are a very expensive item but will usually give you a good return on your investment. Built in stoves and ovens are also very popular but cost more than the standard stand-alone stove. Counter tops come in all kinds of different materials and colors. Marble and stone are the most durable but also the most expensive.

Bathrooms are another big expense in a major home remodel but they too can help you get a good return for your money. Modern tubs and sinks can change the look of an old bathroom and make it look new. Tiled floors can be custom made to your specific tastes and they are virtually indestructible. Bathroom cabinets can be custom built to add your own personal flair.

Expanding Your Space

Perhaps your major home remodel includes adding more square footage such as a sunroom, den, bedroom, or another bath. This can become quite costly because it usually involves the demolition of walls and possible adding onto the roof. In some cases the entire roof will need to be changed to accommodate the additional space. This type major home remodel can be rewarding since it will allow more space for the family to relax and enjoy. Adding a sunroom is always a nice home addition which allows you to bring the outdoors in and still be in the comfort of a heated and cooled space.

When considering a major home remodel, always keep in mind this is a chance to also expand your storage space. A window seat can serve as a great place to sit and read while also providing storage underneath. If you are going to replace your kitchen cabinets anyway, this would be a good time to add more cabinets and possibly a pantry.

All of these things should be discussed with a competent contractor. There are not many people who are capable of undertaking a major home remodel. A licensed and bonded contractor can help you make the most of your money and space. He can also give you tips on how to get the most out of your money. Contractors may cost a lot of money but, in the long run, a competent contractor can keep you from making some serious renovation mistakes.