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Construction Loans in Plumas County

PLUMAS. County seat, Quincy. Created March 18, 1854. The Spanish originally called one of the tributaries of the Sacramento River El Rio de las Plumas or the "River of Feathers." The Legislature, in creating this county, gave it the name Plumas because all of the numerous branches of the Feather River have their origins in its mountains.

The Planning Department's overall mission is to administer the County General Plan through permit review and issuance. Additionally, the department maintains the plan and assures that the zoning ordinance remains consistent with the plan. Administration of the General Plan requires timely processing of permits for land divisions, special use permits, variances, recreation facilities, building permits and other such applications.

We provide the best construction loans in Plumas county in California

California Construction Loans

California Construction loans specializes in providing construction loans to families building their dream home from ground up on their own land. The types of construction loans we provide are typically called one time close construction loans or construction to permanent loans. We also provide construction only loans if desired.

We also specialize in providing construction to permanent financing for major remodeling projects. Major remodeling projects typically are residential owned homes that are in need of major remodeling and expansion in square footage size. Major remodeling also includes homes that are in need a significant remodeling makeover's from ground up as well as complete tear down projects.

Last but not least we specialize in providing land loans for families looking to build a new home sometime in the near future. To apply for a construction loan you need to own land, have house plans, hire a builder, provide a cost breakdown including building permits. Once you own land then and typically only then are you able to obtain all the above items needed in order to apply for a construction loan.

Not living in California? No worries! We provide services all over the country with Nationwide Construction Loans.