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Decorating your bathroom with great designs and ideas

April 15, 2008
Many of us spend more time in the bathroom today than we used to, but the decoration of this room plays an important part in this; especially when you consider you can now easily fit a spa tub designed for indoor use. There are some wonderful bathroom decorating ideas out their and although it may be a functioning room, that doesn't mean it shouldn't be a pleasant place to be. Gone are the days when a bath or shower was a rushed affair; we all want to enjoy the experience so why not do this in a pleasant surrounding.

As a bonus, your bathroom decorating ideas can really be used to impress your friends and neighbors, they will know when they see how you have implemented your designs that you care about your home. The kitchen used to be another place that wasn't a high priority but all that has changed as the average family spends more time there so why not the bathroom as well.

You may want to carry over bathroom decorating ideas and styles you have used in the rest of your home. Even something as simple as a plant on a small table, which is a theme seen around the rest of the house will work well for you as a bathroom decorating idea. Small round or square tables are also good for magazines, which is something else that will not look out of place in your bathroom.

Similarly, you can apply your ideas to the rest of your house if you haven't already decided on a theme. Tiles are a prime example of this type of reverse decoration as they can be used almost anywhere and are not restricted to just a few rooms where they are traditionally found.

If a bathroom tile has a particular pattern there are many places where it could be used to augment the feel of the home including the kitchen. Bathroom decorating ideas are not all about tiles on the walls and floor, there are many other ideas which can be used successfully in every room.

Simple things that often get overlooked but can be visually appealing are soap dispensers and soap dishes. In fact some of the home decoration periodicals have illustrated how easy it is to actually make your own soap trays and dispensers.

An unusual idea came from one magazine which showed how to make dispensers from clay which would not be a material that would automatically spring to mind. I have always found that even if you do nothing else, a relaxing picture, perhaps of woodland, lake or seashore can make a great deal of difference to a bathroom. With the materials and information available today, there is no excuse not to turn your bathroom into something very special.